True Tacoma Hilltop Neighborhood Representer.

Awall aka 2Piece

Prolific, lyrical, Hip-Hop Pacific Northwest veteran and OG.

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Dating back to the early 1990’s, the name Awall has been synonymous with Tacoma Hip-Hop. Being one of the first lyrical assassins to emerge from the city, AwallAKA2Piece has always been known for lyrical darts. His early project titled “Raining Dope” is perhaps the most celebrated local release that the city has ever seen. Combining street-smarts with lyrical ability Awall has stayed consistent in painting the most vivid pictures of Tacoma’s hood politics.


In the early 2000’s Awall had a personal transformation and began reading books and studying intensely. This change matured Awall and brought him into his current state of the wise-man dropping essential jewels for all to pick-up on. Moving into a statesman capacity for Tacoma Hip-Hop, Awall is the quintessential MC veteran who constantly keeps the respect of his peers and gains new fans at the same time. His community calls him the ageless wonder and this is no lie.