Poet, MC, journalist, artist, agitator

High Rize

Truth-teller, disruptor,  and local Hip-Hop historian

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Making his way from performing at open mics and writing for multiple newspapers and local blogs Josh Rizeberg AKA High-Rize was able to truly carve out a previously unknown niche in Tacoma consisting of highlighting & giving shine to artists that were often overlooked by the rock heavy leanings of Tacoma’s music venues all the while making his own music and spoken word, and fighting for social justice. 


When listening to Rize’s own music his strength and passion are conveyed through a no holds bar delivery. His telltale explosive flow will give the listener a deep understanding of Rize’s world view, that which mirror his local Hilltop communities needs, struggles, and dreams. A dedicated family man he knows whats important to him and he’s not scared to tell you, whether you’re ready for it or not. Hi Rize is an essential part of BAD’s mission and vision. His thorough connection to his community makes his integrity and unwillingness to compromise a priceless asset to the work and music BAD continues to embark on.