Mae Dali

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Mae Dali is an extremely talented MC and producer. Mae Provides BLDNDSTRY with word landscapes and musical galaxies as well as contributions from his painting and art. An extremely expressive and intelligent creative, Mae’s efforts as a solo artist are perhaps unmatched. A visit to his avant-garde, eclectic, high art yet low-fi SoundCloud will literally give you years of music and thousands of songs and beats. A true word nerd, Mae’s vocabulary and ability to rhyme simple and understandable as well as mind-blowing and imaginative has made Mae Dali the favorite MC of many Tacoma Hip-Hop Heads. He possesses a completely infinite and endless source of thought-provoking, honest bars based on a foundation of unmatched wordplay. If there is a rhyme in the universe that exists Mae has said it and he has said it first.

Mae began his Hip-Hop activity by birthing and providing the creative spark for Gonzo Family, a former Hip-Hop group and family that specialized in high-energy, live shows showcasing the madness of the multitude of MC’s/members. Mae was born in Tacoma and also has familial and historical ties to Hilltop. A devoted father, Mae Dali is a welcome, level-headed balance to BAD.