Poet, MC, writer, revolutionary educator

Pesha WillRize

Defender of The People and System Dismantler

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PeshaWillRize is a talented poet, MC, vocalist, and writer. Her rhymes and verses cut sharp but also sooth and mend. She adds chorus’s, hooks, interludes, and spoken-word that sew the music together like magical, golden thread with unusual delicate strength.

A natural wordsmith, she has been a performing poet in Washington State since the early 2000’s. A formidable Community-Advocate – Pesha cut her chops in the busy Bay Area Activist circle and then moved back to Washington State where she battles racism and dismantles the school to prison pipeline in her professional career. She crafts many of BLDNDSTRY’s political statements and designs a lot of the group’s community outreach. Whether it be powerful singing or razor like rhymes, Pesha combines beauty and pain to lyrically mesmerize.

In the early 2000’s Awall had a personal transformation and began reading books and studying intensely. This change matured Awall and brought him into his current state of the wise-man dropping essential jewels for all to pick-up on. Moving into a statesman capacity for Tacoma Hip-Hop, Awall is the quintessential MC veteran who constantly keeps the respect of his peers and gains new fans at the same time. His community calls him the ageless wonder and this is no lie.