Dont forget the Iyaahh!

Whikid Matticuless

Spits knowledge with the dexterity of a ninja on a tightrope

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Whikid, the most nimble of MC’s, spits knowledge with the dexterity of a ninja on a tightrope. His very energy is the driving force behind the group’s continual movement. Whikid is also the main sound engineer of the crew and he is the mastermind behind most of the chorus’s, hooks, and song concepts.

Locally, Whikid has been a down member of the Tacoma Hip-Hop community since the early 2000’s. He is also an extremely intelligent Community Watch-guard. Whikid and the A.C.L.U. successfully sued the Tacoma Police Department for their unwarranted and illegal civilian spy program in 2019. Whikid is also a gifted visual artist and is at the forefront of adding long-lasting community art to the Hilltop neighborhood.


Whikid was born in the neighborhood and still lives there to this day. He is raising his children on the same street he grew up on making them the 3rd generation. His Hilltop family and their very existence is a big fuck you to gentriFUCKation.

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