Album Review: JUUG GOD LARRY by LROC


By Josh Rizeberg

LROC is one of the best hustle rappers currently from the Pacific Northwest region. Tacoma in particular is known for street rap and LROC has one foot in this genre but the other is firmly planted in hustle/motivation music. LROC is a go-getter, a grinder, and a mover/shaker. He goes out and gets it. Think of a street dude teaching an economics/business/marketing workshop. When you need a soundtrack to get ya going, give ya that get up and go, that energy…LROC is yo man. 

LROC has a wiseness to his voice that many up and comer hustle rappers just do not possess. Listening to LROC is like listening to the Godfather of hustle, telling you all the pitfalls to avoid, the missteps to watch out for, and all the intricate details one would need to survive in this world of sharks. Listening to LROC is like having yo boss sit you down and give you vital life-lessons. He is here to coach the team, design the plays, make sure we all execute perfectly. LROC is a shot-caller and his raps have all the street-knowledge and money savvy talk to back that up. Not only does LROC make intelligent money-making music but he also puts out complete projects with themes and aesthetics that tie it all together. He does not just pump out music. Each album is a fully evolved project designed head to toe to encompass and showcase his latest moves. Everything he does from music to merch’ is well done.

His new album titled “JUUG GOD LARRY” will be available to stream on all music sites beginning on March 28th. This is his 8th album since 2019 and the 2nd one this year. Coming in at a strong 14 tracks, this is enough music to bust juugs to for an entire year. The album is produced by Rob Nolan, Dash, Bam Bam, Stoc and Skipp, and Drew P Bby. The first track, “Microwave Dreams”, is hella fonky and is rewind worthy but fades out into silence giving it a proper intro’ feel. Next up is “Trap”. Both songs have a mid-tempo pace. The beats are ill but not too complex and just simple enough to have LROC’s vocals still be the star of the show. LROC’s brand of music is as laid-back as he is. The man stays cool, never seems to be flustered, always looks to be in control, and his music really reflects that.

The third song, “I.D.L.W.B.T.M.” sounds like a mini-victory lap and that is the vibe of all the music. He’s not taking any L’s, he is living his best life getting it. Here’s a quote, “I see it from far like binoculars on me. I saw the vision when I was just chilling and pitching the rocks with the homies. I hid the stock in my chonies. And got right to that block by my lonely.” LROC even breaks down the math of what and what not to spend money on. LROC still operates on the G-code and for that reason his moves stay on point. 

This is mellow, laid-back, smoke something, and get to work music. If you want to stay grounded while you make moves this is the album for you. It will help you focus while you are on your paper-route. Seriously though this album is something you can play all day, ever day, over and over again. It will keep you in the right mind-state, away from all the bullshit, making sure you are keeping your mind on yo money. No extraneous party raps, or no over-the-top songs about the club or women. LROC has a fondness for the ladies but this is straight go get it music and LROC can’t slow down or stop for anything other than his bag. 

Song 5 “Miss You” has a verse from BR! who is a female MC. She is really truly rapping and not doing any cute fast raps or singing. It is a good compliment to LROC’s gravely voice, as BR!’s is high-pitched yet smooth. 

Song 6 “Murda Me” begins with news reports of all the latest slain rappers from the last year. It is a thought provoking song that frets the violence these streets produce and that MC’s are not able to escape from. This song is a warning to those thinking they could do the same to LROC. He’s letting us all know his head is on a swivel and he is prepared for the fuckery. He ends the song with a news report detailing the conviction of Eric Holder, the man found guilty of murdering Nipsey Hussle. It is a serious song that smacks with realness, reminding us all about the tragic loss of lives we all suffer under the weight of. 

LROC’s style is ice-cold yet warm and welcoming. He has a real slowed-down, talk to ‘em style that is very inviting. He sounds like he is teaching hustle classes while we sit criss-cross style around a warm fire. He is no pushover by any means and he lets you know he is not the one, however he has a deep-voice tenor that is comforting in a way. LROC makes it seem like everything he does is easy to him and he has life figured out. He is too smart to make mistakes and his music will teach you everything you need to know to stay winning like him. There is a cinematic element to Larry’s music. It is not so much that we’re listening to him rap but we’re watching his street activities unfold on a huge movie screen.

My favorite tracks are the ones produced by Rob Nollan. Nollan has a true Hip-Hop sensibility and feel and the head-nod factor of his beats gives LROC’s hustle music a firm foundation in Hip-Hop. It is part street-music with a slice of boom-bap. Just enough to keep true Hip-Hop heads along for the ride. Street dudes will love it and Hip-Hop heads will vibe to it because LROC can MC and the beats are blappy enough to cover all bases. 

LROC can also spit with some dexterity. Track 10 and 11 are still slower-paced songs but LROC doubles up his flow and does a little bit of chopping. It makes it known that this shit is not simple. He is packing spaces full of life-lessons and you have to keep yo ears open to catch it all. 

When it comes to music to give you ambition, initiative, drive, and entrepreneurial spirit, then LROC is the very best in Tacoma, WA.