“N_Valid Emoceans” Seven Da Pantha


Tacoma Hip-Hop is full of young up and comers doing cool local shows trying to crack through. Hustling street-artists repping their lifestyles and making hardcore rap for their areas. Professional artists on the verge of being truly big nationally. Battle MC’s keeping crowds excited and thirsty for the next event. Real lyricists using bars to break apart the evils and rock live shows throughout the underground circuit. There’s something for everyone. 

Seven Da Pantha AKA Bunchy Carter is back again, relentless with it, giving us a freshly packaged EP titled “N_Valid Emoceans”. Seven has been one of the most active artists as of late giving us albums, shows, podcasts, and even holding down security power to The People style at spots throughout the surrounding cities. 

The project starts with a boom-bap intro that could easily be a full track. It has soulful swing and Da Pantha’s deep voice gives it a classic vibe. 

Song 2 is a sample of Curtis Mayfield’s “The Makings of You” which is my all-time ultimate favorite song. And I must say the producer chopped this sample so properly. They added some Hip-Hop drums and Bunchy even sings on the hook giving the sample an appropriate soul salute. The original music is so emotional and Carter is imploring his love-thing to compromise. It is a beautiful Hip-Hop song. Peep the quotable, “Until Allah call me to return my concern is the bridges between us I might have burned.” This song is on repeat for me as of now. It is grown-up and mature and is a top 5 Seven Da Pantha song if ya ask me.

Seven Da Pantha
Seven Da Pantha

Next up is “Do U Hear What i Hear?”. It has a contemplative, introspective, piano-laden ballad energy. It is clear relationships were on Da Pantha’s mind on these records. This is a tale of a man under pressure, messing up, losing his lady’s love, then trying to get it back. There is no corny sappiness on it though. It is heartfelt. Should they break up or stay together is the back & forth here. It is put together well and covers all of the heart’s wants, desires, and breaks. 

“I Already Kno” stays on the theme yet it distinctly more desperate. Here we sense Bunchy is starting to lose it. Feeling the loss hard. This is the part of the relationship where it has clearly fallen apart yet someone is blindly trying anything to keep a shred of what was. The haunting beat is broken up by dialogue from a movie of a woman going through the pitfalls of a bad break-up. It gives the song a level of angst that is palpable. 

Last we have “Konvursayshunz” which has a more new school, synth sound. Seven doubles up his flow and matches the energy with his skill. This is about lost one’s and the memories, imprints, and family members they leave behind. It’s about lost time, chances, and opportunities we have between us and our family and friends. Da Pantha has always been extremely adapt in expressing his pain and sadness and he does not fall short here. Check this out, “What I said for life I meant it for life. To this day I take a hot one for you and your wife. Hold yo kids down if the worst comes it’s only right. Who said it was easy to relate certain things to a mic’.” I will leave y’all with that right there. 

by Josh Rizeberg