Ralph Reign “The Climb”

Starting in 2017, Ralph Reign has been cracking open the local music-scene with metaphysical, mind-bending, astral-projection Hip-Hop; releasing albums, performing, planning, booking, and promoting live-shows and parties and the local scene. Last year in 2023 he released an 8 song project titled “The Climb”. It is an up the spinal-chord, cerebrum, cerebellum, musically smooth album […]

The Missings of You

To everyone I don’t see anymore. I do I do still see you. I see the shadow and the silhouette and the shape of you I see how ya had your own rhythm when ya walked I miss how ya fit into the landscape The terrain is not the same We are still here but […]

“Cold Game Vol 1” Don James

Don James is an enigma. He is one of the Town’s favorite MC’s. His musical abilities are diverse. He might rap his ass off on a mixtape style album. He could sing and swoon and give us some heartfelt, musical Hip-Hop/Soul. Or he could flip the script, get dirty and cold, and show us his […]

“N_Valid Emoceans” Seven Da Pantha

Tacoma Hip-Hop is full of young up and comers doing cool local shows trying to crack through. Hustling street-artists repping their lifestyles and making hardcore rap for their areas. Professional artists on the verge of being truly big nationally. Battle MC’s keeping crowds excited and thirsty for the next event. Real lyricists using bars to […]

Album Review: JUUG GOD LARRY by LROC

By Josh Rizeberg LROC is one of the best hustle rappers currently from the Pacific Northwest region. Tacoma in particular is known for street rap and LROC has one foot in this genre but the other is firmly planted in hustle/motivation music. LROC is a go-getter, a grinder, and a mover/shaker. He goes out and […]

Can’t Keep a Black Man Down

The InJustice system has been far from impartial, fair, and unbiased. Racism, sexism, classism, all have been enforced by who and what law enforcement protects and serves. In ameriKKKa, Black Folks have felt the brunt of ethnocentric, prejudiced, and discriminatory law. If you are reading this article then you more than likely have either been […]

Seven Da Pantha “Shooting Starz 2: Da Eye of Da Storm”

Back in 2014, a North Carolina MC named Seven Da Pantha released his debut album titled, “Shooting Starz”. Since then he has become a nationally known, underground MC with connections in North Carolina, New York, Baltimore, and thankfully for us Tacoma. Seven Da Pantha AKA Bunchy Carter has released 12 albums in his prolific, under […]